I have been contemplating whether or not to start a horror blog for a really long time now and so here I am… Horror has been something that I’ve been passionate about for most of my life and I love writing/talking about it so this will be my place to let it all out. It took me a while to decide on what my first post should be. Not wanting to jump straight into reviews or anything, but not wanting to write a formal ‘introduction’ to myself, I thought, well, what better way to introduce myself and this blog than by writing about the films that made me fall in love with horror? So here are my top 5 horror films of all time… An extremely tough decision, and a decision that changes very regularly, but I tried nonetheless.

5. You’re Next (Director: Adam Wingard)

Slasher films are probably the films that I enjoy the most. I find home invasions especially scary. Therefore You’re Next has to be on this list. Modern horror films can sometimes be rather unoriginal or so over the top that they lose a good story-line, however, this film is excellently done. The acting is incredible and the gore (another thing that I love) is very well portrayed. The masks used in the film add that extra creepiness to it, without taking it too far. If you love slasher films, then this film is for you, most definitely.

4. Saw (Director: James Wan)

I’m not going to lie to you, I love all of the Saw movies… The story-lines throughout the series, despite getting slightly confusing at times, is extremely interesting to me. The gore is obviously my favourite thing about these films and I don’t think that there will ever be a series like it ever again. Nothing will compare… I’m looking at you, Hostel films… Yes, you…

3. Scream (Director: Wes Craven)

Seriously? It’s a classic! A classic slasher movie! Why wouldn’t it be on my list?! Scream is the reason I love slasher films so much and although I have never been too fussed on older horror movies due to the effects/gore not being as realistic, this film is one that I can watch over and over without getting bored.

2. Misery (Director: Rob Reiner)

As a huge fan of Stephen King’s novels, I love all of the film adaptations that I have watched so far. Some of them have been better than others, however, and my favourite has got to be Misery. Although I am a firm believer of “read the book before watching the film,” and “the film will never be as good as the book,” this is a stunning movie that, in my opinion, does an incredible job of capturing the horror of true obsession. The film has beautiful cinematography throughout and the acting is out of this world. It is a truly disturbing, horrifying film, in the most classic, original way.

1. The Ring (Director: Gore Verbinski)

The Ring is on the top of my list because I adore everything about this film (I won’t talk about the sequels because I haven’t watched them yet… I will soon, don’t worry.) It’s weird because I’ve never really been quite as fussed on supernatural films as for some reason, they are less scary to me. The Ring, however, scared me. A lot. The character of Samara absolutely mesmerised me and the visual of her distorted body was incredible. The image of her stayed with me after watching the film and I found myself wanting to know more about her story. There’s something about this film that I love so much; whether it’s the story, the idea of it, the character – I have no idea, but I really love it.

the ring