UK horror fans; keep March 21st free of plans, US horror fans; April 7th: The Void is coming to movie theatres on those dates. The teaser trailer for this film was released a few weeks ago and now, an extended version. This is my reaction to the longer version of the trailer and my thoughts on it.

Before I react to the trailer, I researched a bit of a background on the film to understand what it is actually going to be about. Without giving anything away, The Void is based on officer Daniel Carter, who discovers something strange happening in a local hospital.

The trailer is absolutely incredible. I have never watched a trailer and wanted to see the film so badly. The voice-over suggests that the film delves into theories of the afterlife, hell and bringing the dead back to life. Instantly from the trailer you feel the suspense and dread that the film will eventually bring.

From the short trailer alone, you can already see the promise of a gory, horrifying, suspenseful, yet cleverly written film. All of the actors in the film seem very talented, which is always a good sign and it has already been compared to the legendary The Thing.

I have extremely high hopes for this film and it is definitely my most anticipated film of 2017 so far.

Watch the trailer for The Void here.