I remember seeing the trailer for The Autopsy of Jane Doe sometime last year and being extremely excited for the release of the film. However that release didn’t ever come around. Well, for me it didn’t. I’m not sure whether I was just completely out of the loop or if, for some reason, this film was advertised for months and then just… didn’t go to cinemas? Who knows? Anyway, I finally ended up watching it tonight and, without giving any spoilers away, here’s what I thought.

Right from the word go, the obvious aim of the film was to make you question everything and want to find out more. As soon as you meet the main characters, you feel connected to them; something that usually lacks in horror films. You feel connected to Jane Doe and her story, too.

I was definitely a fan of the autopsy scenes; cleverly done, with realistic gore, when the father and son were working on the body, it never got boring. Considering them doing the autopsy is the main aspect of the film, it was done in such a way that felt almost as though you were in the room working with them, which I found extremely interesting.

There were a few scenes, actually, one scene, there was one scene, that I didn’t like in this film. If you watch the film after reading this, or have previously seen it, then you will know exactly what I am on about when I say “the cat scene.” I actually cried. Real tears. As a cat lover, I find scenes like that difficult, but bearable if necessary. However, this was not necessary! It didn’t fit in with the plot, in fact, they had to stretch the story-line to include this – not worth it, in my opinion.

This film didn’t really scare me. There were a few jump scares (which aren’t my favourite) but nothing about it was really “horror” to me. It was very suspenseful and at times, quite thrilling.

The story/plot did get a bit too overwhelming and confusing by the end, which I found disappointing. I had much higher hopes for the story as, when watching, it seemed very well-done. However, I did enjoy the film as a whole, but I would recommend it to thriller fans, rather than horror fans.