Pretty much everyone has Netflix nowadays. However, for us horror fans, it can get quite repetitive and boring. This is because the horror section doesn’t get updated as much as the other genres and because, well, there are some pretty awful horrors on there… Here are 5 horror films on UK Netflix that are actually worth watching.

Hush (Director: Mike Flanagan)

Hush is a slasher movie about a deaf women who moves to the woods and then has to deal with a masked man invading her home. She has to battle the invader in silence, making the film tense, suspenseful and original. A must-see for any slasher fan.

Evil Dead (Director: Fede Alvarez)

Although not the original, this remake is worth a watch. Evil Dead is the story, if you didn’t already know, of a group of friends who discover an evil book and accidentally… um… release a demon… and get possessed… and um, yeah… But seriously, the effects and gore in this movie is pretty great.


Let Me In (Director: Matt Reeves)

Another remake, this time a weird, vampire-y thing… A boy befriends his neighbour, a sweet, innocent girl, who helps the boy defend himself against his bullies… However, she has a secret (she’s a vampire) and things get pretty grim. The film is dark, well-acted and well-written. A pretty good film all round.

Insidious (Director: James Wan)

Insidious is about a family who move house to escape being haunted… However, it wasn’t their house that was haunted. With lots of scares throughout and one of the most incredible endings of any film ever, if you haven’t seen it already, watch it now.


Detention (Director: Joseph Kahn)

Detention is a horror-comedy about an ex-prom queen with homicide on her mind… With an all-star cast, including Josh Hutcherson, this film is as scary as it is funny. The gore is brilliantly done and the story, although tends to get a bit ridiculous towards the end, is pretty interesting and engaging.